Crown Priviledge: 15 Spots Royalty Loves to Vacation

2498232281_db86bc08fa_bPhoto credit: CC license by Bert Kaufmann
It’s a hard life, being royal. Publicity, paparazzi, family problems – it just never ends! When royalty needs to get away and unwind, they head to these exotic locations.

1. Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Balmoral Castle in Scotland has served as a haven for the British Royal Family since Prince Albert purchased the estate house for Queen Victoria in 1852. It was here, in 1980, that Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were first noticed together. With 49,000 acres, there is ample room for the royal family’s love of horseback riding, Corgis and gardening. When the royals are not in residence, portions of the estate are open to the public.

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