17 Wedding Hacks To Get The Day Of Your Dreams

01-bigstock-bride-at-the-salon-in-wedding--20376656Photo credit: Bigstock

We all wish we had $50,000 wedding budgets. The dress, the venue, the flowers, the meal…all of that costs serious dough. While we can’t afford the wedding of our dreams, we can sure as heck get close to it. Check out our list of 17 ways to make your wedding look luxurious.

1. The dress is the thing

The dress is usually the most exorbitant cost of any wedding. Kim Kardashian had 3 gowns to wear throughout her wedding day, which ran her upwards of $25,000. An alternative to spending this much on the dress, which is the focal point of the wedding, is to purchase a discount designer dress from re-sale sites. This way you can get your designer gown for a steal!

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